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About me

My childhood and I

I was born and growing up in Hanoi where four seasons Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter create multi-colors of nature and multi-tones of emotion for human. My childhood was attached to the hardship in the past collectivistic system but it was filled with warmth of love between people. When I was a very little girl, I loved drawing and keeping myself passionate about the imaginary world sketched in old notebooks and with a short and hard pencil. Tet holiday was the happiest time during the year for me as I could get dressed in new fluffy coats with woolen scarf; went to flower market or gather around the big pot of Chung cake… and the best thing was when my parents, grandparents and brothers and sisters took me for a walk around Hoan Kiem lake to the vibrant sound of fire-cracker and the sparkling light from the lanterns hanging along Hanoi’s ancient streets.

Those beautiful memories have always lived with me until now even when I have become a painter and got married with two pretty daughters.

Throughout a 20-year period of time devoting myself to art, I have continuously learnt and been creative with ardent passion and emotions. So as to create artworks about children and my true feelings for their innocent eyes, pinky cheeks and their natural smiles, I often passionately watch them playing, dancing, practicing musical instrument… Sometimes just their adorable coddling expression can cheer me up and leave me lingering in the land of memories.

My artworks are a special gift brought by an artist with her most sincere thanks to life!

1974 Born in Hanoi, Vietnam.
1995 Graduated from Hanoi Institute of Industrial Arts.
  Specializing in the use of lacquer.
  Member of Vietnamese young painters club.
2006 Exhibition of some young artists in Hanoi
  The club of Vietnamese artists
  Exhibitions at 16 Ngo Quyen, Exhibition House, Hanoi
2004 Young artist exhibition in Hanoi
1995-2003 Hanoi Fine Arts Exhibition
2003 Young artist exhibition in Hanoi
1995-2000 Vietnam Fine Arts Exhibition
1995 Group exhibition – five young artists in Hanoi


  Private collections inside and outside Vietnam.