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First and foremost, the artist should be who she is

Playing with the birds Thuy Hanh 141. In Thuy Hanh (1974)’s lacquer paintings, the reality of life is vividly reflected. Her main subject spins around the world of children with multi-directional movements from kids playing, practicing violin and piano, dancing to deep focus and exploitation in portraits. Those boys and girls usually have beautiful, bright, gentle and innocent open eyes, which embodies the angelic beauty and rhythmically travels in harmony with light and space of four seasons Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter where the romance of love and spirit of peacefulness are conveyed. Sometimes the girls are painted with shy and more reluctant eyes as to their full moon age, the coquet and dreamy expressions of young maidens or the sad shiny eyes of an innermost feeling beneath one’s destiny… Is it true that a part of the artist’s life is portrayed throughout her artworks or it is simply a way to demonstrate the reality of our society?

With a painstakingly learning mind and a curiosity in studying lacquering technique, though not yet achieving a significant breakthrough, the artist is able to show an extension to the traditional lacquer boundary in terms of chromaticity and together with the brightness and freshness of colors. Nevertheless, this strong point unexpectedly limits the natural ability of lacquer material to manifest and transform itself in a magical, sparkling and mysterious way.

2. It is not necessary for an artist to put pressing social issues into her artworks to be regarded as an admirable and responsible citizen to the community. The artist should always be herself in creating “art”. By that they tacitly do the good deeds to the society.

Vietnamese culture takes pride in the famed artist Nguyen Gia Tri and his great art legacy – who spent his whole life painting women and children. What artist Thuy Hanh has contributed is not that terrific recognition; however, she has strongly proved her perspective : the foremost thing an artist should be is to be who she is. That is obviously success.

Artist Nguyen Xuan Tiep


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